My approach

My training was grounded in psychodynamic and integrative models which includes humanistic therapies. Through our sessions together we work to find out why you may feel that you are unable to cope with whatever issue or issues you may have and find solutions that will enable you to re-gain control and shift the unhappiness that you are experiencing. I have listed a few short definitions of these in order to de-mistify the names but they are only meant as a guide.


The aim of this is to bring the unconscious mind into the conscious. This helps the client unravel their deep-rooted feelings and memories and make sense of them as an adult.


This includes Gestalt and existential theories. They focus on the self-development, growth and responsibilities of the client in the world. They help individuals recognise their strengths and choices in the "here and now". By being valued as a person, without judgement, a they can accept who they are and reconnect with themselves.

Person Centered Counselling

This views the client as having the ability to overcome their own problems and difficulties if given the right conditions.

A variety of factors can affect an individual's ability to flourish, including low self-esteem, a lack of self-reliance and very little openness to new experiences. This approach recognises that an individual's social environment and personal relationships can greatly impact these, so therapy is offered in a neutral and comfortable setting where a client can feel at ease and open to learning about themselves.

These all have varying takes on the 'talking therapy' and therefore are helpful in allowing me to be open to different thought processes when working. By taking whatever I need from one or more of the modalities mentioned I can tailor your therapy in each session according to what you need and when.

I offer 50 minute sessions, either time-limited (normally 12 or 24 sessions) or open-ended (as many as you need/want). These take place in my consulting room in the rural village of Lowick. There is no waiting room so I ask that you wait until your appointment in your car. This protects both your privacy and that of any client in before you.

At our introductory meeting we will discuss what has brought you to therapy and what you are aiming to achieve from the process. From this we will then work out the best way to progress.

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