Psychotherapy or Counselling?

Very often clients ask the difference between psychotherapy and counselling. And the honest answer is, not necessarily that much! Both counselling and psychotherapy are talking therapies. In order to become a psychotherapist you need to have undertaken at least four years of training unlike counselling which is less. Generally speaking counselling is offered when a client has an immediate issue that they need to deal with, such as job loss or divorce. It normally lasts for up to twenty four weeks.

Psychotherapy is long term and can last from six months to as long as you need. It looks at your past and unravels why you may react to certain things in the way you do today according to how you learnt to behave as a child. This allows you to work through your underlying beliefs and how they shape your view of your world. It is due to this deeper look into your thoughts and feelings that the work lasts longer.

Why do people come for therapy?

There are many different areas that counselling and psychotherapy can help with some of which are covered in the list below:

Some people come for therapy in order to look at specific problems and some come to find out more about themselves. Generally the ability to talk to someone who is not judgmental and who can offer a safe space to express thoughts and feelings is a powerful motivation for change no matter what the starting point.

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